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 Metro Health Fair
Saturday, March 24, 2012 8:30am - 1:30pm
Metro will be having a community health fair.
We will have guest speaker, health assessments and education.
More information to come.
• Free Heath Check-up: Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Blood Sugar & A1C
• Questions and Answers with a panel of Doctors
• Keynote Speakers
• Attend Classes on Childhood Obesity, Massage, Juicing and more
A healthy lunch is available for a $5 donation.





Metro Church's Annual Family Campout

Let's Go Camping

November 1,2 & 3

Join us for a weekend of family fun, friendship and fellowship.


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Metro's Biggest Loser

  • Metro's Biggest Loser will last 13 weeks. Beginning February 5th with an initial weigh in at the Super bowl Party games and ending with the final weigh in on April 29.
  • It is for ages 12-100
  • It will be comprised of 2 categories: The Team Challenge & The Individual Challenge.
  • It will operate as an honor-based system. In other words each participant is responsible for recording truthful and accurate results and achievements for themselves and within their group.
  • Metros Biggest Loser is entirely independent of the popular program and television show “The Biggest Loser” And Is Not Responsible For Any Participants Health Risk Involved in Participating should be discussed with their own healthcare provider.

For more information Stop by the Events Center to get all the details.

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Make Jesus Famous
Summer Kick-off May 29, 2011

Booklet of Causes - a guide to the Go Center in the Metro Lobby

Watch a youtube video of those helping out in Joplin, Missouri

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Watch youtube slideshow of this past event!

Metro Church Memorial Day Picnic
Fort Christmas Historical Park





Watch youtube slideshow of this past event!

Metro Church VBS





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Metro Church floor plan

The Metro Church has conference rooms and convention services available.

We service the Orlando Metropolitan area and have easy access to both the Orlando International Airport as well as the Orlando-Sanford Airport.

We have conference rooms available for up to 770 people.

Please contact the Metro Church Facilities Director at (407) 366-7714 for rates and availability.




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Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.." Philippians 4:6

God Answers Prayers

We believe in praying for each other.

We publish a list of requests on our secured website. The prayer requests and updates to these requests are posted as they are received.

If you wish to let us know about your request, you may write it on a welcome card in the assembly, e-mail at, or call the office at (407) 366-7714, extension 100. Please share your answered prayers and thanksgivings the same way so we can rejoice together.

You may receive the prayer list by mail or fax, if this is what you prefer. Please call the office at (407) 366-7714 to request this service.

If you will like to review the public prayer requests, please log on here.

Expressions of thanksgiving to the Church:

Letter from Michael Piland

A Hello Video from Teresa Brown

A note from Leonard and Sharron Mallot — We are overwhelmed with the love, cards, prayer, and calls we have received. My sisters death was a shock, but you have helped us so much, we thank you. The love you have shown us is awesome!

Thank you from Christy Garrison


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Holy Grounds Book Store





Holy Grounds Book Store

Our mission is to provide Metro Church members, friends and guests with a more readily-available source for purchasing bibles, reference books, CD's and other related religious materials that help individuals develop a deeper understanding of God's will for their lives.

Stop by and and see us! Enjoy a book and a cup of freshly brewed coffee from our Holy Grounds Café.

Did you know that you can also search for and order books online? A portion of your purchase will be given to the Metro Church's Bookstore.

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